Love and Logic Parenting

For the longest time we had been having issues with our oldest daughters behavior. She was talking back, getting an attitude, yelling, screaming and overall just turning into quite the handful. She is SUCH a sweet girl, everyone loves her and loves to be around her. At home, though, as sweet as she is, we were constantly struggling to correct her behavior while she’s still young, before it got out of hand and we were faced with a dangerously disobedient teenager. Continue reading

No Rest for the Mommy

I am stratum to come to terms with the fact that sleep and I are not really friends anymore. I usually get to bed at around 11, then Rodney gets home at midnight and I wake up to see how his day was. Then I’m back to sleep between 1 and 2 and up again at 4 to pee and back to sleep at 4:30. Then I’m up again at around 5:30 to feed and change Aria, and Sophie is awake between 6 and 7. Then there are those nights when our living conditions wake me up or keep me awake all night and wake up and scare the girls.

It’s hard to make it through and keep up with what I have to do and take care of my girls when all I feel like doing is curling up and going to sleep.

I always make it, but I’m but I’m not always the nicest mommy. I do the best that I can do, most days, but I don’t always feel like it’s enough. I always feel I’ve failed at something everyday. Either cleaning or laundry or caring for the kids or my husband. I try to focus on the positive, but I do t always succeed.