Caprese Lasagna Roll Ups

So today I made Caprese Lasagna Roll ups, and I have to be honest, they weren’t as intimidating as I thought. The hardest part was figuring out how to cook the pasta because I didn’t have a pot/pan big enough. I got creative and I stacked the pasta in a pyrex dish and boiled water in my kettle then poured it over the pasta. boom, problem solved. I actually had a lot of fun making them, and it didn’t take too long either. Most of what needed to be prepped could be done before the pasta was done cooking. Putting the ricotta, tomatoes, and basil on the pasta was the longest part, but it was really easy. It was a tad messy, but that could probably be blamed on my lack of experience with the ricotta and the lasagna noodles. My final product looked a bit different than hers did, but they were still delicious. I LOVE really saucy pasta, mostly because I love to use my garlic bread to wipe the plate clean, so instead of putting a spoonful over each roll, I just poured the sauce all over. If you choose to do it this way, be sure you extend the cooking time. It took about an extra 20 minutes to cook mine.

roll ups

I really enjoyed working outside of my element today. I can’t wait to share my choice for tomorrow!!

God bless, and good night!!