The Sinfulness of Harry Potter

I just read a post from a woman who was complaining about Harry Potter saying that it was sinful and allowing our children to watch/read it was irresponsible parenting. When asked why she said because of the magic. Yet, she also said that she frequently lets her kids watch/read the Narnia book. Which is also magical. You can’t have it both ways. 
On he surface yes, Harry Potter is about magic and witchcraft – so is Narnia. But at its core, Harry Potter is about a boy whose parents sacrificed themselves for him were killed by an evil who tried to kill him as well. He was raised by his abusive aunt and uncle and watched his cousin get everything he could want and more while he lived under the steps, wore rags and barely ate. He’s finally given the opportunity to leave them and while he has the opportunity – because he is famous – to be part of the “in crowd” at the school, he surrounds himself with the geeky girl, the loser poor kid, and a loser outcast big fat man. He chooses to not let his circumstances dictate how he lives and frequently sacrifices himself to stand up for those who no one else will speak for. He lives his life knowing that someone paid the ultimate price so he could live. He lives his life so that their sacrifice wouldn’t be wasted.
To me that’s a pretty good thing for kids to see, and a great way to open up conversations with kids about how circumstances don’t dictate your future, and how someone – Jesus – paid the ultimate price so that we could live and live freely. 
But its just magic and witchcraft right?


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