a little bit of this and a little bit of that

so today has been an interesting day. The girls have played very well and had few issues. However, their favorite thing to do today is blow raspberries on each other. Cute? Yes. Weird? Yes.  I had to put a stop to it because they were getting kind of rough. Now they are laying in the floor talking to each other 

Oldest: this is gonna be a good year

Youngest: yea

Oldest: cause you’re gonna get a baby brother and a puppy.

Yeah neither of which is true. 


Ana and Elsa

My oldest is so cute!! She and the youngest have Ana and Elsa dolls (the youngest has the soft
toddler ones and the oldest has the harder preschooler ones.) Well the oldest just brought me
Elsa and the doll is completely naked (with the exception of her underwear which are painted on).
Trying not to laugh, I said “sweetie, your doll needs clothes on so she’ll stay warm, do you want
to put them back on or would you like me to do it.” She thinks for a second and says, “Mommy,
it’s Elsa! The cold never bothered her anyway!” My child, everyone!

Love and Logic Parenting

For the longest time we had been having issues with our oldest daughters behavior. She was talking back, getting an attitude, yelling, screaming and overall just turning into quite the handful. She is SUCH a sweet girl, everyone loves her and loves to be around her. At home, though, as sweet as she is, we were constantly struggling to correct her behavior while she’s still young, before it got out of hand and we were faced with a dangerously disobedient teenager. Continue reading